Blues Song for Today “Promise Land”

DPB’s Blues Song for today is: “Promise Land” by Sonny Landreth and Eric Clapton.

DPB says> Recovering from Bruins game 6 loss this Tuesday BUT get’in ready to see Sonny and Frampton on Jone 30th!

Written by: Sonny Landreth and Eric Clapton
Performed by: Sonny Landreth and Eric Clapton
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Rock Song for Today “Why My Guitar Gently Weeps”

DPB’s Rock Song for today is: “Why My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Eric Clapton and friends.

DPB says> Friends can make amazing music on Sunday.

Written by> George Harrison
Performed by> Eric Clapton and famous friends
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George Harrison RIP February 25, 1943 – November 29 2001.