Blues music

Blues Song for Today is Live

DPB’s Blues for today: “Memphis Train” by Ghost Town Blues Band.

DPB says> Get Mooving on the Monday.

Written by> Matt Isbell
Performed by> Ghost Town Blues Band
Experience it>

DBP’s Blues for today is: “Brother’s Keeper” by Walter Trout.

DPB says> Perfect for a Sunday

Written by> Walter Trout
Performed by> Walter Trout
Experience it>

DPB’s Blues for today is: “Solid Ice” by Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers.

DPB says> Perfect for a Saturday after a blizzard

Written by> Jimmy Thackery
Performed by> Jimmy Thackery & the Drivers
Experience it>

RT @bostonphoenix: The modern retro of @mrjessedee >> @brighton_music Saturday night!

DPB’s Blues thought for Today is “Black and Blue” by the Jeremiah Johnson Band.

DPB says> For early morning walks, everyday!

Written by> The Jeremiah Johnson Band
Performed by> Soulshine with The Jeremiah Johnson Band and the Sliders
Experience it>

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